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BAŁTYKGAZ, operating within Westfalen Gruppe, offers a large selection of high quality refrigerants. The key advantage of BAŁTYKGAZ, as always, is the uncompromising quality! We provide reliable logistics, availability and professional customer service.
Refrigerant - H-FKW

Partially fluorinated hydrocarbon (H-FKW), when used as a refrigerant is an agent of low harmfulness to the ozone layer and is regarded as a fluorinated greenhouse gas. It is regulated by EU regulation no. 517/2014. We will be happy to provide you with full advice regarding our various refrigerants and their application.

Refrigerant - HFO/H-FKW

Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerant in a mixture with partially fluorinated hydrocarbons (H-FKW) is one of the latest technological advancements in refrigerants available on the market. Mixtures of the HFO /HF refrigerants do not harm the ozone layer and have a low global warming potential (values up to 100 GWP units).

Refrigerant - HFO

Hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) belongs to the latest generation refrigerants. HFO refrigerants do not harm the ozone layer and are characterised by very low global warming potential at under 100 GWP units.

Refrigerant - Carbon dioxide R-744

When using carbon dioxide (R-744) the key emphasis is on the effect of fluorinated substances on the environment. It is effectively used in industrial applications, such as cascade refrigeration, sports facilities and the food market. In Scandinavia, and increasingly more often in Germany, the R-744 systems are installed in supermarkets. Its greatest advantages are the large volume and good volumetric heat capacities.

Refrigerant - Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbons such as propane (R-290) have various applications as refrigerants. They are characterised by their low global warming potential at under 100 GWP units. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are usually flammable (safety group according to standard DIN EN 378: A3).

Instrukcja użytkowania zaworu Rotarex seria F112

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