Liquefied gas in tanks provides - cost-effective means of delivering energy


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Why should you choose our installations?


Business activity requires access to energy. Thanks to BAŁTYKGAZ this is no longer a problem. Regardless of the place of your company’s investment or modernisation project, we are capable of delivering the highest quality energy at competitive prices.

BAŁTYKGAZ installation is safe to operate

24h technical supervision

Supervision over the tanks operated by the clients.

Regular quality control

The gas we sell is certified by an independent auditor (Hamilton, IRS).

Certified suppliers

We buy our gas only from credible and certified suppliers.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance for tank-based installations against all risks for a very high sum.

Furthermore, our installations are certified by the Office of Technical Inspection.

We provide assistance at every stage of investment works

Our own design office

Allows us to plan and design LPG installations of various output across the country

Our own engineering crew

Qualified in construction, design and implementation

Timely deliveries

All thanks to advanced supply logistics with the use of tanker trucks using GPS systems and telemetry

Our own technical service

Highly qualified technical service team operating countrywide

Uses of gas installations




Water heating





Businesses using our solutions

  • gas burners,
  • cooking kettles,
  • ovens.
Bake and pastry shops
  • ovens for baking bread,
  • baking and drying ovens used in pastry shops,
Meat processing
  • butcher shops and lunch meat production,
  • burners for bristle removal,
  • gas kitchen kettles for lunch meat production,
  • scalders with gas burners.
  • washing machines with gas burner water heating,
  • gas laundry dryers,
  • gas-heated mangles.
Steel and metal processing
  • gas powered cutting machines,
  • burners for heating metals and parts of machinery,
  • burners for hot working of metal elements,
  • burners for clearing paint layers and rust removal,
  • furnaces for flame tempering of metal elements,
  • burners for non-ferrous welding,
  • burners for copper pipe soldering and brazing,
  • devices for spraying metal onto surfaces,
  • gas-powered drying devices for foundries.
Building construction and roadworks
  • radiant heaters for tempering prefabricated concrete elements,
  • air heaters for drying constructed buildings,
  • radiant heaters for asphalt surface heating,
  • gas burners in asphalt mass laying devices,
  • bituminous mass boilers,
  • burners for tar paper burning,
  • burners for heating heat-shrinkable tape used in installation works,
  • burners for devices used for heating railroad switches,
  • burners for deicing railcars.
Ceramic industry and porcelain manufacturing
  • gas burners in glass mass manufacturing devices,
  • gas-powered tunnel kilns for glass packaging production,
  • burners for Christmas ornaments and other glass decorations,
  • burners for thermal packaging devices using heat shrinkable wrap.
Heating of factory and sports halls, churches
  • large hall heating with the use of visible light radiant heaters,
  • large hall heating with the use of dark radiant heaters.

We provide you with cost evaluation, always taking into account the most recent market trends, whereas the price you pay is always determined by retail market prices.

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