Liquefied gas in tanks safe energy available any time.


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Why should you choose our installations?


Liquefied gas tank provides you with safe and eco-friendly energy, available whenever needed. Solutions in our offer facilitate comfortable running of your business.

Car washes

Cost-effective solution for your investment.

Easy and cost-effective water heating provided by an LPG tank installed in immediate vicinity of the car wash building. It can also be an effective way of space heating.

Hotels and restaurants

Safe and scalable energy source with versatile uses.

The gas tank can be used for supplying the kitchen and meal preparation as well as heating the entire venue regardless of its size.


Cost-effective solution ensuring comfortable working conditions

Office facility heating with the use of an LPG tank can be adjusted to the work cycle of your employees. Decreasing the temperature on non-working days and in the afternoons makes it possible to degrease heating expenditures.


Comfortable solutions ensuring safety of stored goods

Regardless of the size of the warehouse and the stored goods, a gas tank can supply a heater, radiant heaters or a central heating system in the warehouse hall, providing the stored products with optimal conditions, and you with comfort and convenience.

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