Liquefied gas - ideal solution for single and multifamily residential properties


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Why should you choose liquefied gas?


One resource - multiple applications.

Liquefied gas is a perfect fuel for powering heating systems in single and multifamily residential properties. It can be effectively used for heating, household water heating, cooking, supplying gas fireplaces.

  • cooking,
  • water heating,
  • space heating,
  • gas fireplace supply

Available options

Depending on your needs we can offer you one of the solutions below.
Single tank

Individual gas installation with a single tank supplying one or more houses.

Independent network of tanks

Gas network with a battery of several larger tanks located on a designated plot which supplies individual houses, each with its own gas meter.

Temporary gas network

Gas network with a battery of several larger tanks which is connected to an existing gas installation, awaiting natural gas connection.

Why is it worth choosing us for implementing the project?

Our own design office

Providing a possibility of planning and designing LPG installations of various output anywhere in the country

Reliable contractors

We cooperate with verified installation companies which remain under constant supervision of our specialists

Established extent of cooperation

The cooperation with the developer continues until the building is sold to the end customer

Clear responsibility

After the project is complete, each end customer becomes our client

24h supervision

We provide 24-hour maintenance service


The sooner the better

= We encourage you to contact us at the very beginning of your project. The sooner we start planning the gas installation, the more technical options we have to choose from.

  • Realizacja równolegle z realizacją całego osiedla lub budynku
  • Zmniejszenie ilości kolizji z innymi instalacjami
  • Wyeliminowanie konieczności rozbiórki utwardzonych powierzchni dróg i chodników

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