Liquefied gas in tanks safe energy available any time.


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Liquefied gas tank provides you with safe and eco-friendly energy, available whenever needed. Our solutions are convenient for companies operating in many branches of agriculture, including animal husbandry; fruit ripening; tobacco, herb, fruit and vegetable drying.

Poultry / pork farms

The advantages of liquefied gas as an energy source in heating installations at chicken coops and pig houses have been appreciated for some time.

Our offer includes comprehensive services for animal farms. This includes designing and construction of installations as well as gas deliveries and wear monitoring. We are ready to provide you with the gas capable of ensuring optimal husbandry conditions.

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An important requirement in intensive poultry and pork husbandry is maintaining the highest possible production efficiency. Only healthy animals with optimal living conditions can ensure that level of efficiency. In order to meet these requirements it is necessary to use modern heating and ventilation systems which constitute an efficiently comprehensive system.

Ventilation devices, when used during colder seasons, can fulfil their role (disposal of excess moisture and limiting concentrations of harmful substances) only when required temperature inside the chicken coop is maintained. The need for additional warmth depends on the type of livestock (pork only in piglet stage, poultry for the entirety of the production cycle), the employed technological solutions and thermal insulation of a pig house or a chicken coop.

The microclimate inside the livestock building involves dynamic, short-term temperature fluctuations related to the age of animals and changes in the outside temperature. In order to consistently match these diverse requirements it is necessary to employ a heating system with adjustable output.

Liquefied gas heating provides particular qualities in that respect. Cutting-edge heating devices allow the output to be adjusted between 30% and 100% output, whereas radiant heaters – between 10% and 100% maximum output. Liquefied gas provides the possibility of choosing a solution adjusted to every goal: air heating, heating individual sectors of various size, preparation of livestock buildings before introducing animals into them, etc. Various heating devices can be employed within the system: radiant heaters, convection heaters, warm air blowers.

Liquefied gas devices are robust and reliable, with an option to extend the installation at any moment with more pipe network connections and additional devices. A gas tank or a battery of gas tanks situated near the farm buildings provide large amounts of energy with few supplies needed.

Telemetric indication of the tank capacity further facilitates monitoring gas consumption.

Ripening and storage facilities for fruit and vegetables, mushroom farms, greenhouses

Environmentalism proves to be a necessity rather than just a fad.

Numerous fruit and vegetable storage facilities, mushroom farms and greenhouses use coal-water slurry, fine coal and wood industry waste. Bałtykgaz provides convenient and eco-friendly fuel which allows the user to limit the amount of work associated with resupplying solid fuel in heating boilers and ensures full automation of the combustion process.

Drying facilities for cereals, corn, tobacco, herbs, fruit and vegetables

LPG is an optimal solution to employ in drying facilities

It involves the possibility of implementing more advantageous technologies of drying and limiting heat waste.

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