Reduce operation costs. LPG in forklifts


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“Gas in cylinders” service is available only in certain counties in Southern and Central Poland.

See areas

Silesian voivodeship
  • Bielsko county
  • Bielsko-Biała
  • Bieruń-Lędziny county
  • Bytom county
  • Będzin county
  • Chorzów
  • Częstochowa county
  • Częstochowa
  • DDąbrowa Górnicza
  • Gliwice
  • Gliwice county
  • Jaworzno
  • Katowice
  • Kłobuck county
  • Lubliniec county
  • Mikołów county
  • Myszków county
  • Mysłowice
  • Pszczyna county
  • Ruda Śląska
  • Siemianowice
  • Sosnowiec
  • Świętochłowice
  • KTarnogóra county
  • Tarnowskie Góry
  • Tychy
  • Zabrze
  • Zawiercie county


Łódź county:



  • Bełchatów county
  •  Brzeziny county
  •  Łask county
  • Łódź City
  • Łódź East county
  • Opoczno
  •  Opoczno county
  • Pabianice county
  • Pajęczno county
  • Piotrków county
  • Piotrków Trybunalski
  • Poddębice county
  • Radomsko county
  • Sieradz county
  • Tomaszów county
  • Wieluń county
  • Wieruszów county
  • Zduńska Wola county
  • Zgierz county
Opole voivodeship:
  • Brzesko county
  • Kędzierzyn-Koźle county
  • Kluczborsk county
  • Krapkowice county
  • Namysłów county
  • Olesno county
  • Opole county
  • Strzelce county
Greater Poland voivodeship:
  • Gostyń county
  • Jarocin county
  • Kalisz county
  • Kalisz
  • Kępno county
  • Krotoszyn county
  • Leszno county
  • Leszno
  • Ostrzeszów county
  • Ostrów Wielkopolski county
  • Pleszew county
  • Rawicz county
  • Turek county
Lower Silesian voivodeship:
  •  Milicz county
  • Oleśnica county
  •  Oława county
  • Strzelin county
  • Trzebnica county
  • Wrocław
  • Wrocław county
Lesser Poland voivodeship:
  • Chrzanów county
  • Olkusz county
  • Miechów county
Świętokrzyskie voivodeship:
  • Jędrzejów county
  • Pińczów county
  • Włoszczowa county

Optimise the cost of forklift operation.


Primary advantages of the solution in our offer as opposed to using diesel powered or electric solutions:


Attractive purchase price of liquefied gas


Limitless applications in halls and outdoors

Corrosion resistance

The material used in gas canister bodies - aluminium, guarantees protection from internal and external corrosion.

Minimum downtime

Shortened downtime required to replace an empty cylinder

Lower weight

Thanks to its aluminium construction the cylinder is much lighter than the steel ones while providing the same level of safety.

Wiecej gazu w stosunku do standardowej stalowej butli 11kg

Higher capacity and lower weight


In spite of the 15 kg capacity the cylinder is still quite light. Compared to the traditional steel cylinder, an aluminium cylinder provides 36% larger capacity while reducing the weight of the cylinder itself, increasing the efficiency of the system. Aluminium cylinders provide noticeable advantages - easier and less frequent replacement. This allows your employees to focus on their primary tasks.


See how much you can save

On the time axis select the current cylinder use1 / year1 / rok

SAVING (TIME)3 13Hour.

1 Assuming a standard steel 11 kg cylinder is currently used
2 Assumed replacement time in a forklift is 15 minutes


Speak with our expert

Mariusz Dominiak

Director of Bottled Gas and Autogas Department

Phone: 605 279 352

Krzysztof Majchrowski

Bottled and Autogas Product Manager

Phone: 605 279 460

Magdalena Garyga

Assistant Product Manager Bottled and Autogas

Phone: 605 279 689

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