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Module lease

Clients who meet certain conditions can participate in our special programme for building an autogas station module.


For more information call:

605 279 352

Mariusz Dominiak
Director of Gas Cylinders and Autogas

We provide the following on the basis of a partnership agreement:

  • partial financing of the investment
  • technical service of the installation
  • certification of dispensers
  • regular gas deliveries with guaranteed margins


Our autogas stations are equipped with cutting-edge pumps, dispensers and safe containers. Each year their numbers are growing as we continue building new installations.

Building modules

Clients who meet certain conditions are offered help in the construction of LPG modules


Gas deliveries

We supply gas both to our own modules located at various petrol stations and country-wide for clients who own their own modules.


We offer products of the highest quality, compliant with the requirements of PN-C-96008 the European standard EN-589.

Attractive prices and quick deliveries guaranteed.

Gas deliveries can be carried out via our own tank trucks or to for receipt by the customer from our warehouses in:

  • Bydgoszcz,
  • Rakowice Małe
  • Wieluń
  • Leszcze


Więcej informacji uzyskasz dzwoniąc pod numer:

605 279 352

Mariusz Dominiak
Dyrektor ds. Gazu Butlowego i Autogazu


Lower the costs of running your company. Switch to LPG


Here is our special offer within the framework of “Mam instalacje/Mam stację” project. The offer is available for everyone interested in lowering costs of conducting business activity, while valuing convenience and safety.

This unique offer is the effect of the cooperation of two highly experienced companies: BAŁTYKGAZ and ELPIGAZ - experts on autogas market who combined their potential in order to provide comprehensive client service.

Why should you switch to LPG fuel?


Using gas fuel allows limiting operating costs both in petrol engines and diesel engines because gas fuel is the cheapest commonly available option for engines

Its prices are at around the half of petrol and diesel fuel prices. This correlation between the price of LPG and other fuels means the investment into a gas installation pays off in little time and quickly leads to savings and cost reduction.

Changing fuel type from traditional to LPG leads to a reduction in exhaust emissions and limiting the greenhouse effect. Autogas is an eco-friendly fuel because of its simple chemical composition – propane C3H8 and butane C4H10 and no need for using other additives.

We can help you implement LPG in your company

The extent of the offered comprehensive service within the framework of the “Mam instalacje/Mam stację” project encompasses all activities necessary for introduction of autogas vehicles to be fuelled at your own LPG station.


Economic analysis

przedsięwzięcia w oparciu o zasoby i możliwości klienta

Choosing the method of financing

adaptacji pojazdów na gaz oraz uruchomienia stacji LPG

Assistance in commissioning an LPG fuelling station
  • Pomoc projektantów firmy BAŁTYKGAZ w zakresie doboru odpowiednich parametrów stacji
  • Pomoc w przygotowaniu dokumentów dla uzyskania decyzji urzędowych dla inwestycji, wykonanie projektu budowlanego z uzgodnieniami dla uzyskania decyzji o pozwoleniu na budowę,
  • Wykonawstwo lub nadzór związany z wykonaniem robót budowlanych i instalacyjnych,
  • Udział w odbiorach stacji i dopuszczeniu do eksploatacji przez organy wymagane prawem,
  • Uruchomienie instalacji i szkolenie obsługi, opracowanie instrukcji
Vehicle LPG adaptation process
  • Projektowanie i dobór rozwiązań oraz ustalenie kompletacji dla poszczególnych grup pojazdów
  • Adaptacja pojazdów na zasilanie gazem, montaż zbiorników LPG i uruchomienie instalacji
Warranty and post-warranty technical service

w oparciu o własną kadrę specjalistów na terenie całej Polski

Technical consultation

w zakresie objętym projektem

Additionally, depending on your needs, it is possible to:

  • Implement an LPG fuel station based on liquefied storage tanks of the following capacities
  • single aboveground tank with a total capacity (water) of 4850 litres
  • two aboveground tanks with a total capacity (water) of 9700 litres
  • one underground tank with a total capacity (water) of 6700 litres
  • other underground tanks with a capacity (water) of up to 20,000 litres and total capacity up to 40,000 litres
  • Implementation of telemetric gas measurement

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