Protection of personal data


Due to the implementation of the requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and the repeal of directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), BAŁTYKGAZ Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Rumia (hereinafter as: BAŁTYKGAZ) provides information about processing your personal data and your respective rights. The following rules apply starting from 25 May 2018. In case of questions related to the manner and extent of processing your data by BAŁTYKGAZ and your rights, please contact BAŁTYKGAZ via e-mail: or via mail to the address ul. Sobieskiego 5, 84-230 Rumia.

I. Indication of an administrator

The administrator of your personal data is BAŁTYKGAZ Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Rumia at ul. Sobieskiego 5.

II. Data Protection Inspector

The Data Protection Inspector appointed by the Administrator carries out its tasks at the address of the Company’s office. Contact with the Data Protection Inspector is also possible via mail:

III. Purposes and legal basis for the processing of your personal data

BAŁTYKGAZ processes your data for the following purposes:

  1. conducting activities at your request for the purpose of submitting an offer or concluding an agreement for liquefied gas delivery,
  2. assessment of the financial credibility by submitting a query for a record in the BIG Info Monitor of the Economic Information Bureau,
  3. carrying out legal obligations of BAŁTYKGAZ in respect of conducting trade activities:
  • involving submitting reports to state administration on the basis of applicable laws,
  • involving handling complaints and claims, additionally,
  1. for other goals justified by BAŁTYKGAZ company’s interests::
  • involving marketing of products and services,
  • involving monitoring and improvement of the quality of the provided services including monitoring of telephone calls and meetings, as well as assessing your satisfaction with the provided services.
  • restructuring or selling BAŁTYKGAZ company’s debts and asserting claims by BAŁTYKGAZ.

IV. Obligation of BAŁTYKGAZ to disclose personal data

Provision of personal data by you is required for the purpose of concluding and performing the agreement with BAŁTYKGAZ because it involves the execution of the obligations imposed by the law or because it is necessary to fulfil objectives arising from legally justified interests of BAŁTYKGAZ.

Failure to provide all required personal data will hinder the conclusion of the agreement and the provision of services to you by BAŁTYKGAZ.

Personal data which is not required by the provisions of the law for the purposes of the agreement are collected on the basis of consent and its provision is voluntary.

V. Information about the recipients of your personal data

Due to the processing of your data for the purposes indicated in Point III, your personal data can be disclosed to the following recipients or categories of recipients:

  1. state authorities and entities performing public tasks or operating at the request of state authorities to the extent and for the purposes regulated by the provisions of the law, e.g. the Office of Technical Inspection, tax authorities and emergency services;
  2. entities cooperating with BAŁTYKGAZ in respect of reporting obligations;
  3. entities performing tasks arising from the provisions of the law, such as business information offices, as well as banks and institutions to the extent of the information necessary for their purposes;
  4. entities cooperating with BAŁTYKGAZ in respect of performance of business and technical processes (e.g. installers, carriers), including entities processing personal data for BAŁTYKGAZ (so called data processors).

VI. Personal data storage periods

Your personal data will be stored for the duration necessary to perform the agreement and after that time for the duration corresponding to the period of time-limits for legal claims which BAŁTYKGAZ may invoke or which may be invoked against BAŁTYKGAZ in respect of the performance of your agreement concluded with BAŁTYKGAZ, as well as within the extent required by the provisions of the law.

In case the personal data processed on the basis of consent provided by you, its processing will be completed no later than on the day of withdrawing the consent. Consent to data processing can be withdrawn at any moment

VII. Profiling

BAŁTYKGAZ conducts data processing for the purpose of automation of decision-making processes which involves using certain behaviours of a natural person, particularly in respect of analysis or forecast of aspects relevant to the demand for goods and services provided by BAŁTYKGAZ.

VIII. Rights of the data subject

BAŁTYKGAZ assures you that all persons whose personal data is processed by BAŁTYKGAZ have appropriate rights resulting from GDPR, such as:

  1. the right to demand rectification (correction) of personal data – in case when the data is incorrect or incomplete;
  2. the right to remove personal data (so called “right to be forgotten”) – in case when:
  • the data is no longer necessary for the tasks for which it was collected or processed in other ways,
  • the data subject served an objection against data processing,
  • the data subject withdrawn the consent on which the processing was based on and no other legal basis for processing exists,
  • data is being processed illegally,
  • data has to be removed in order to carry out the obligation resulting from the provisions of the law;
  1. the right to demand restriction of data processing in case when:
  • the data subject questions the correctness of personal data,
  • data processing is conducted illegally and the data subject objects to data removal, demanding it to be restricted instead,
  • the administrator no longer requires the data for its own purposes but the data subject requires it for the purpose of establishing, defending or asserting claims,
  • the data subject objects to data processing until it is established whether the legally justified grounds on administrator’s side are primary in relation to the basis of the objection;
  1. the right to transfer personal data in case when:
  • the processing is conducted on the basis of an agreement concluded with the data subject or on the basis of consent expressed by the data subject, and the data processing is handled automatically;
  1. the right to object against data processing, including profiling, when:
  • there are causes associated with your particular situation and the data processing is based on the necessity for purposes of legally justified interests of BAŁTYKGAZ.

IX. The right to withdraw consent to data processing

You are entitled to withdraw the consent to data processing to the extent you granted the consent. Withdrawal of the consent has no effect on the legality of data processing which was conducted on the basis of consent before the consent was withdrawn.

X. The right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory body

In case it is recognised that the processing of your data by BAŁTYKGAZ violates the GDPR regulations, you are entitled to lodge a complaint to an appropriate supervisory body.

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