Cookie policy

Cookie files

In order to ensure efficient functioning of this portal we sometimes place small files, so called cookies, on the computer of the user (or another device). Most large internet websites act similarly.


What are cookie files?

„“Cookie” is a small text file which is saved on the computer or a mobile device by the website as the user is viewing it. That way the website can remember the actions and preferences of the internet user for longer (including user name, language, font size and other options). Therefore, the user does not need to type the same information each time upon returning to that website or going from one website to another.


How can cookie files be controlled

Cookie files can be controlled and removed by the user. All cookie files placed on your computer can be deleted and most browsers provide settings which disable the possibility of installing these files. In such a case it may prove necessary to adjust certain information upon every visit on a given site, and certain options and services may become unavailable.

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