For over 25 years we have been delivering eco-friendly and comfortable energy sources

For over 25 years we have distributed liquefied gas all across the country.

We utilise the latest technologies and the long experience of German shareholders –– Propan Rheingas GmbH & Co KG, and Westfalen AG. This allowed the company to achieve the position of one of the leading and most experienced distributors of liquefied gas on the Polish market.

The main goal of BAŁTYKGAZ is to provide eco-friendly and comfortable energy for individual and industrial clients as well as distribution of warehouse tanks of various capacities used to supply heating and technological installations.

BAŁTYKGAZ operates based on an extensive logistic infrastructure and experienced staff who provide our clients with quick and professional consulting.

In 2015, BAŁTYKGAZ expanded its offer and joined the group of refrigerant distributors. All refrigerants in our offer comply with the latest directives of the European Union.

Our values


Gas is the cleanest and the most eco-friendly fossil fuel available. It is characterised by the far lower pollutant content in comparison to other fuel types.


Gas is a safe energy source provided the installation and its servicing is always handled by qualified specialists.

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