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The task of the service staff is to handle disruptions in operation and repair of the damage to liquefied gas tank installation elements as reported by the clients.

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BAŁTYKGAZ service staff are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the liquefied gas industry.


Each regional centre of BAŁTYKGAZ company is staffed by an installation service employee who is provided with a service vehicle that is equipped for handling all possible malfunctions of liquefied gas installations.

Another task for the service group is carrying out technical state assessment of liquefied gas tank installations which involve the following service activities:

  1. checking whether the informational signs of a tank are complete;
  2. reapplying the paint layer on the tank depending on the damage;
  3. measuring the resistance on the earth electrode;
  4. checking the opening pressure of the safety valve;
  5. checking the airtightness of the connections in the tank fixtures (valves, hose nipples, first stage pressure reducer and other elements);,


  1. checking the airtightness of threaded connections with a gas leak detection foam within the area of the connection cabinet of the installation in the building;
  2. checking the completeness of the tank fixtures and installation security measures, and replacing the missing elements;
  3. checking other elements which could affect the safety of operating the tank: completeness and technical state of the fencing, ventilation of the tank’s vicinity, presence of possible obstacles, technical state of the access road to the tank.

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